Between Two Bodies

Before everything and nothing, there were 2. He was in love and content with the intangible. Love makes liars of our eyes, and he did not see her discontent. She stared into the vacuous black stretching out her hand hoping she could part the curtain of nothingness and let something stream through like morning light. She longed and languished and suffered until one day she stepped into the black, and was lost.

He wept. Swirling tears burned from his face. The accumulation of his fiery lament was a great hot sphere. He looked at it astonished by it’s light. He imagined the pleasure she might have if she were to see it. He spoke to her, responding to himself.

“look at this, this is something.”

“yes that is something.”

“are you now satisfied?”

“well, is there something more?”

“no, this is everything.”

“well, then I am not satisfied.”

So he created planets and placed them around the fiery ball. Hoping she might be drawn back by the light, see what he had made and stay. But she didn’t come.

His love was tumbling water and he could not hold it within himself. So he kissed the dirt of a planet, and that sacred mud bore creatures. They digged and swam and flew and crawled, and as the planet turned the animals changed and multiplied, until one day he saw people. But they were dressed with senselessness. So he took his voice and gave it to the people and they began speaking and writing and teaching and were like heavy vultures, and sticky bees. They built homes like crows’ nests decorated with the ejaculates of vanity.

He no longer conversed with the memory of her, but instead watched the people live and die, live and die. Until one day he decided to give his power to the planet and become a man.

For many years he walked among them greedily busy and forgot who he had been and his memory of her became but a faint longing. On the day that he was to die, he laid down in a field and looked into the night sky.

On that day, she saw the light of his sorrow and was amazed by the planets. Then she saw the living planet and felt his love. She watched the planet turn and when she saw him she called to him:

“I have come back”

But he had no voice with which to respond and no strength with which to return to her. So she watched as he died, giving everything that remained of himself and becoming the planet. She looked at him, a mirror to the light of his sorrow, and with the choking regret of a guilty reality, fearing she’d break she made herself stone. And he with invisible strings pulled her close and hung her in his sky.


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